Where precision meets passion for technical, scientific, and medical translation.

computers and tablets for scientific and technical translation

An in-depth expertise

Specialized in scientific and technical translation from English to French, I offer my expertise for technical and sales content, particularly for manufacturers of laboratory and hospital equipment. I also translate for the chemistry and public health sectors. My deep understanding of technical terms ensures that each translation is faithful to the original intent and tailored for the target audience.

Translation and Proofreading Services Tailored to Your Industry

I offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your linguistic needs:

  • Technical, Scientific, and Medical Translation: Accurate and well-researched documents, carefully translated for businesses and institutions.
  • Post-editing of Machine Translation: A thorough revision to ensure that machine translations reach human-quality levels.
  • Proofreading and Formatting in Word: Special attention to detail for impeccable documents ready for publication.

Commitment to Quality 

Each project is handled with the utmost care, ensuring that quality is never compromised. I understand the importance of precision and consistency in scientific and technical communication.

Responsiveness and Adaptability 

In a world where time is precious, I am commited to responding quickly to your requests and to providing translations within the agreed deadlines. I am flexible and responsive and I adapt to your specific requirements to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Contact Me For translations that combine technical expertise and linguistic excellence. Together, we can overcome language barriers and open the doors to international communication.