Specialized translations

scientific and medical technical translation services

Because information is transmitted through language and it is important to understand the deeper meaning of the writing, CLV-translations offers a technical, scientific or medical translation services.
I translate in laboratory techniques for research field. Over time, I have also specialized in medical communication for the general public in various media. I focus on accuracy, without neglecting the creativity that will make your texts clear and understandable.

Translating with accuracy

My services are linked to my fields of expertise, but also to my working languages. Therefore, I only translate from English, which I master at a professional level, into French, my native language.
Quality being a keyword, I work in network with other translators who share my requirements. My translations can be proofread by another trusted translator.

Some translation projects

  • Translation of medical protocols, pharmaceutical studies
    o Cancer treatment,
    o Surgical instruments,
    o Public health,
    o Patient questionnaires.
    o Informed Consent
  • Translation of health and safety documents
  • Translation of various technical documents
    o MSDS for chemical products,
    o Technical and scientific instruments for chemistry: I have a specialization in vacuum techniques,
    o Laboratory instrumentation,
    o Chromatography: GC/MS, LC/MS, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography,
    o Atomic spectroscopy: ICP-MS, ICP-OES, MP-AES, AA,
    o Molecular spectroscopy: UV-vis, FTIR,
  • Translation of technical documentation: application notes, technical journals, specifications, white papers, catalogs, product descriptions, technical posters.
  • Scientific translation of geological, geochemical and geophysical studies for French-speaking governmental organizations