My Clients

My clients in scientific and technical translation are institutions or professionals in the laboratory techniques industry who need to translate their white papers, application notes, and other scientific, technical, and medical texts.
They also include translation agencies working with hospitals.
Below are some examples of organizations I work with regularly.

Automatic Pipeting to be transted with scientific and technical translations
  • University and CNRS laboratories
  • Private and public companies in the Earth and Life Sciences industry
  • Translation agencies
  • SMEs and micro-enterprises
  • International NGOs
  • Governmental organizations

Some scientific and technical translation projects

  • Medical protocols, pharmaceutical studies
  • Health and safety policies
  • Various technical documents
    o Safety data sheets for chemical products,
    o Technical and scientific instruments for chemistry: specialization in vacuum techniques,
    o Laboratory instrumentation.
  • Technical documentation: application notes, technical journals, specifications, white papers, catalogs, product descriptions, technical posters.
  • Geological, geochemical and geophysical studies for French-speaking governmental organizations

Other scientific projects

  • Desiging brochures for the CNRS and the University of Lorraine
  • Graphic crealtion and website setups for scientific conferences
  • Management of conference organization