Document Formatting (DTP) and Proofreading in French

hands on a keyboard doing document layout and proofreading in French

You already have documents translated into French and need formatting? I offer a complete service that includes formatting of end-of-study or professional theses in French using MS Word, with spelling and grammar checks, as well as verification and/or creation of your bibliographic list.
Word Document Layout and Review Simple layout includes:

Word Document Layout and proofreading in French

Simple layout includes:

  • Defining various title and subtitle levels for creating a table of contents
  • Creating a table of figures
  • Formatting the bibliography with Zotero
  • Inserting the bibliography in the requested format into the text
  • Optionally, creating a glossary

Proofreading of Theses/Dissertations Includes checking spelling, grammar, number inconsistencies, and bibliography. Feel free to contact me for more information and a free quote.