Machine translation postediting

hands on keyboard postediting machine translation

You don’t have the budget for a full human translation, but you don’t want to use machine translation? There is now an intermediate solution: machine translation postediting or MTPE.

What is postediting?

It involves automatic translation performed by a professional translation engine and revised by a professional ‘human’ translator.
In summary, the translator relies on a translation made by a computer but corrects its errors. This type of translation suits well for translations that do not require high editorial quality but must be free of errors.
Postediting is also suitable for content with a short lifespan. This hybrid type of translation is adapted to:

  • internal company memos,
  • non-promotional publications,
  • publications on social networks,
  • curation of community management content.

Nevertheless, this type of translation does not suit for key publications or marketing content.

My postediting services

As a SDL Trados Studio 2022 owner, one of the leading professional translation tools, I also have access to a professional machine translation. Therefore I offer post-editing services for your content.

We will agree together on the desired level of quality (light post-editing that only checks the language and the meaning or more advanced post-editing that requires a more substantial intervention). Do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about this process and if it fits your needs.